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About Founder

OHPROMISE is a professional wedding photography and videography brand based in Edinburgh founded by Kathy and her husband OA.


At OHPROMISE, there is nothing more fulfilling than capturing the story of two souls in love and with our diverse experience in wedding photography all around the UK and worldwide, you can rely on us to capture your special moments to look back on and keep forever. 



More than just photos and videos!

At OHPROMISE, we believe love and dreams brings limitless possibilities.

We believe that in our fast-paced life, memories can become a blur, but a great photograph allows us to seemingly travel through time and relive the special moments. 


With our friendly, energetic and creative team and our innovative style fusing together western and eastern aesthetics, we believe we can bring you a set of beautiful photographs to cherish forever. 

Wedding Photography

OHPROMISE provides packages ranging between half-day and full day coverage.

We understand how important this special day is and we consider the needs of the couple so you can enjoy every moment of your wedding with no worries.


We strive to capture the day in a natural way, documenting moments of love, joy and tears that you and your future family can cherish for years to come. 

Wedding Videography

We know how much work has been put in planning your big day, which is why we work hard to capture every detail.


This includes moments from the process of getting ready to the very important guests which you’ve invited and down to the little details such as the flowers, table decorations, personal accessories, and moments which you might have missed!

Much of your day will be filmed in a relaxed, natural, and elegant style. The use of multiple camera angles, cutting-edge equipment, fun music and creative editing style defines our approach.


The video will keep memories of your special day alive and will surely be complement your beautiful wedding album.

Commercial Film

Even with a great business idea and great products, it can be hard to stand out amongst the competition.


At OHPROMISE, we believe that a great commercial film is key to  creating a memorable and impactful first impression and subsequently customer engagement.


We provide professional commercial film and photography for big and small companies. Our services include product film/photography and business or service film/photography.


Our ambition at OHPROMISE is to create a commercial piece that makes you proud.To create a film that captures your brand identity in depth, our professional production team works to a high standard. From the shooting, interviewing, lighting, and postproduction editing, each aspect and frame of the film is carefully scrutinised by our team.


Let us help you enhance your brand value and international competitiveness.



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